Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Alabama Songwriters by Jerry W. Henry

Fact: 97.7% of songwriters will never write a commercially successful song!

I would be willing to bet there are great songs in the dresser drawers of many Alabama songwriters. Some awesome with rip-my-heart-out lyrics, and melodies that fit perfectly and chord structures arranged better than anything that you will hear on radio.

There are others who have wonderful songs half completed. If you can’t complete them, why not find a writing partner?

Alabama has great songwriters. I have traveled over much of God’s green planet and folks everywhere know of our songwriters. The problem seems to be that Alabama songwriters don’t know how good they are. Those songs in that dresser drawer are to be heard. That half-written song will never be enjoyed if it is not finished.

Think about this, as long as that song stays in that dresser drawer you won’t earn a penny from it.

I have said it before and I will say it again now, Success=Great Song.

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  1. Jerry, I totally agree with your quote re: Al songwriters not knowing how good they are. My theory is that being "southern" raised we are taught to be much too modest about is hard for most of us to have the confidence to share/embrace our talents and abilities for fear of being thought "full of ourselves" lol...not a bad thing we are taught but does impede our creativity sometimes. Always enjoy your articles...great insight.