Wednesday, December 14, 2011

For The Love Of Music by Jerry W. Henry

“There is nothing in the world so much like prayer as music is.”  ~William P. Merrill

Whether you are the performer or listener to music for enjoyment, the result is the same; both are their own rewards. I grew up watching “I Love Lucy.” My grandkids are growing up playing interactive video games. As a society, we are losing our attention span and our ability to actively listen. Music bucks that trend.  Music teaches us to focus, to listen and to critically process what we hear. Music’s emotional effect is powerful physiologically.
Music is more than art. Through out history all cultures have created music. Music physiologically affects us as human beings. Music causes a noticeable physical reaction. This physical reaction is intensified with live performances.
Beyond music’s physical and emotional is it’s spiritual dimension. I believe people experience music at different levels. I also believe people live within different levels of spirituality. Spirit is the source of all supply. Spirit is from the Divine. Truth emanates from the Divine. We recognize truth when we hear it, because truth lies within each of us. We were created from truth. Music is truth. Music is from God. Thus we love music.
In a perfect world we would live in music. Our thoughts would be aligned with truth. We would put ourselves into a state of constant prayer. I believe prayer goes on inside of us all the time. Whether we know it or not, we are always in communication with Spirit, and the Universe is always returning to us the equivalent of our prayer. Our prayer is then projected out to whomever is in harmony with our needs, and that person will be brought to us to satisfy whatever need or desire we have. Abundance flows from Spirit.
Music is social, both listening and creating. It is about communicating with something more primal and stronger than spoken language. If you ask why one loves music, most will say it is because of the way it makes them feel. Some will say music is fun. Musicians say it is a way to be creative. They also say music is challenging. Regardless, performer and listener alike say it is a way to share intimately without talk or revealing him or herself in traditional ways.
We know that music has power. We don’t understand the way it works on the mind or heart. But we know it works and we love music because it works in all parts of our being. We are music.


  1. true words my friend, spoken from the heart
    and I love the quote you used! Might borrow the quote for my blog sometime! Thanks for sharing
    your heartfelt thoughts and musings.

  2. YES!!
    You're not gonna get long replies on this. We all agree... Music does something to me that I can't explain. Kinda like, I wish I could crawl into it, but then.... sometimes, I do.