Saturday, February 25, 2012

Alabama Fight Songs and Ringtones By Norm Butler

Alabama fight song ringtones were written to celebrate the victorious moments of Alabama's success over Washington in 1926. After a wonderful success, the student newspaper of that time, 'The Rammer Jammer' arranged a contest to write a best cheer song for University. Several people submitted their composition but the winning entry adopted as a University song was "Yea Alabama".
The Yea Alabama is a popular ringtone that many college students enjoy as their new tune. Ethelred Lundy (Epp) Sykes wrote this wonderful song. He was a student of music department of Alabama University. This song was first time played by million-dollar band on the event of University football games. This opening of the game was much popular in those days. During the year 1950, an album was released for football songs and this fight song was played in this album as the Dixieland jazz version of the cheer of Alabama University.
This new version of the ringtone was played extensively around the country in the next two decades. This album was late released with the name 'Touchdown'.
Alabama fight song ringtones were also used as the theme music of the 'Bear Bryant Show'. During 20's and 30's, the song achieved so much popularity and likeness. The last words of Alabama University fight song had become the cheer for victory and greeting during University games events.
This cheer was the symbol of success and had been played even at any significant even in University. This song was the message for courage and firm determination to win a game in life. These ringtones are very popular among university students and on some of websites; these ringtones are available online. You just needs couple of clicks to downloads.
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