Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Selling YOU by Jerry W. Henry

This article is in response to some questions I received about doing-it-yourself (DYI) strategies.

In today’s music world you have affordable recording of sound and video. Once you have that sound and video in hand, you now have the ability to distribute your product digitally. When your distribution is in place, you can promote easily with social media and it’s millions of potential customers. Talk to them. They’re your fans; they want to connect with you and your creative life. If you can send emails to your fans, you can engage them in many ways, and continue to build a good relationship with them. The music business is about interpersonal relationships, connections, and networking.

Your music has to be great. You have to have a great show. Your plan will not work without these. A live performance should work the same as a recording in terms of determining value. Your music has to make folks want to give you their hard earned dollars to get a copy.

Use what you love and are inspired by in your own work. Everyday people have inspired many great songs. Pay attention to things that move you emotionally. Inspiration can be positive or negative. Your fellow music artists/musicians/songwriters can speed your inspiration process.

Many music artists/songwriters are secretive. They don’t like to reveal their works-in-progress. Talking about your projects can be the best way for you to give structure to your ideas and in turn can make your project more real. The creative process involves much more than your creative mind. It involves your subconscious mind and we never know when it will bring forth that magic thought. Keep a notepad or handheld recorder handy because once that magic thought happens, it’s gone forever. Don’t force things; let your subconscious take control.

The product you are selling is you. That includes all of the music you’ve ever made. To a new fan, all of your music is new. The more songs in your catalog, the better your chances are to make money. Just because you wrote that song a long time ago does not mean that it can’t be licensed today. Think about your musical offerings as a growing catalog.

Today you get label deals when you don’t need them. They only sign artists who have already proven they can be successful on their own.

The only thing stopping your success is you. This is a new day in music. You are in control. You can create, produce, distribute and promote.

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