Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SpeakPipe-Now you can hear from your fans free.

John Oszajca is not an Alabama musician. He is a very knowledgeable musician that has helped many many other musicians. He is known for his Music Marketing Manifesto, a course for selling your music online. I have studied many and John’s is the best for marketing online. I am a member of his Inner Circle where there is a constant flow of up to date information.
John turned us on to SpeakPipe, which is essentially a voice messaging widget. That allows your fans to leave you voice messages right on your site using their computer’s built in microphone. SpeakPipe will offer more features soon. They are still in the Beta stage and the service is free. SpeakPipe will bring you closer to your fans. This is a great tool for musicians. John nor I have any affiliation with SpeakPipe.

The widget is on the far right on this page. Speak to me >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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