Monday, April 2, 2012

Is your way right? by Jerry W. Henry

In the world of music artists there are many differences. These differences go much further than what kind of instrument you play. God gives talents to every music artist. How they perfect their talents is self-determined.  Some are professional while others will have their first paying gig this weekend. I know music artists that only perform live. I know others that only record. Today many have their own studios. Of those that have studios, some should record and others should not. Some I know will only play their original music while others play covers in college bars. Some tour, regionally, nationally and internationally. Others have never gigged past the neighboring city. Many have downloads or CD’s for sale. Others give free music. I know music artists that make their living from songs they wrote in the ‘60’s. I also know many more that have never written a song. Some write songs and they will be the only ones to experience their songs. Etc., etc.

I hope I can get this one point across to each music artist: Your way is one of many ways.

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