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The Making of “Stormin’ In Hoover.” By Jerry W. Henry

The Making of “Stormin’ In Hoover.” By Jerry W. Henry
“Stormin’ in Hoover” is a jazz song that showcases today’s Alabama jazz. Our intent was not to have intent. This song was 100% improvised. All involved gave their talent, time and efforts without compensation to help support the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame. All proceeds from downloads of “Stormin’ In Hoover” will go to the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame. Downloads will be available on the Alabama Music website.
As producer, part of my job was to get everyone together at the same place at the same time. We met in the parking lot where Ellis Piano is located in Birmingham, Alabama. We were to record at the home studio of audio engineer, Mack White.
I wanted a cross section of Birmingham/Tuscaloosa talent, young and old alike. The players that gathered that night were Ray Reach, Tom Wolfe and Ben Hill. Ray was to bring the rhythm section. He forgot. We decided to record the keyboards, guitar and trumpet. The rhythm section, drums and bass, were to be recorded later. This approach is in reverse order from normal recording sessions.
I hummed the melody to Ray and told him the basic structure. He began playing and directed the other players as we recorded the first take. This was a lot-of-firsts night for just-out-of-college, Ben Hill on trumpet, nervous in the beginning but held his own all the way through. After some microphone readjustments, the second take saw the song beginning to really fall into place. During the third and final take the heaviest downpour of that stormy night occurred. Thus the title.
Schedules postponed the rhythm section’s recording. On the chosen night, which happened as a storm was approaching, we met again in the same parking lot. Our rhythm section was Steve Samples on drums and Jeff Drew on bass. Recording the way we did proved to be very trying for all. After several takes and several approaches we finally finished before the storm began. I can’t say enough about how professional these players were in this situation.
Producer-Jerry W. Henry
Composer/Arranger-Ray Reach
Engineer-Mack White
Keyboards-Ray Reach (find out more about Ray:
Guitar-Tom Wolfe (find out more about Tom:
Trumpet-Ben Hill (find out more about Ben:
Bass-Jeff Drew (find out more about Jeff:
Drums-Steve Samples (find out more about Steve:
All proceeds from downloads of “Stormin’ In Hoover” will go to the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame.


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Alabama Music Office Jazz Allstars
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Keyboards-Ray Reach, Guitar-Tom Wolfe, Trumpet-Ben Hill, Bass-Jeff Drew, Drums-Steve Samples
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