Friday, April 6, 2012

Music Business Contacts. By Jerry W. Henry

I had a 20-something musician call me to ask for the phone number of a mutual musician friend that now lives in Saraland, Alabama. I gave him the number readily. He then said, “If I had your contacts I would be working the big stage and get there on my tour bus.” I responded by telling him that my contacts would do him very little good. To me, those contacts are relationships. I have been in the music business for 50 years now. I have accumulated a large number of relationships in that time.

Even if I had the perfect contact for my musician friend, he is not ready for the big stage much less getting there in a tour bus. Music business professionals seek music artists with a healthy following and a team in place. They look for acts that can tour, and have success with past album sales. They seek music artists that are serious about their music and career.

I have access to several databanks where I can contact virtually anyone in the music business. But until I can establish a relationship, they are simply contacts.


  1. I agree Jerry. If you haven't established a relationship, it's like cold-calling.
    When you establish a relationship, then it's more like talking to an old friend.
    Good post.

  2. it's all about the song, it's all about the relationship.....and that means
    trust and honesty, great post!

  3. How about agents Jerry? I manage Chris Dair and have the band, ready to tour, the equipment they need and transport. I'm contacting national and international booking agents that I can find in blues, blues rock, jazz and world fusion, and they're either understaffed for their current roster, or just don't reply...etc. Any advice would be enormously appreciated. By the way sir, did you get around to listening to GuitarRaga?