Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Musician peer pressure. By Jerry W. Henry

Peer pressure is another phrase for the herd instinct. The vast majority of musicians are followers. What others do, they do. They seem to have the tendency to conform. Other musician’s actions influence their actions. Why are number one records number one? It is certainly not talent in many cases. Nor is it because of life changing songs. There are a million songs that are better. Fact is: People love to consume what everyone else is consuming. They listen to what others are listening to. Musicians tend to pattern their music toward what people are listening to. Not to mention those number one songs are the results of a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign. My best advice: you should ignore this trap! Who cares what others are doing! You are better off to focus on yourself and your music. Think critically and ignore what's popular. Do what's best for you!  Quoting Shakespeare, “To Thine Own Self Be True….”

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