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More Alabama Music Reviews. by Jerry W. Henry

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Veteran Alabama power-trio, Microwave Dave & The Nukes, has released Last Time I Saw You (self-released) which is their 7th release. Why these guys aren’t on a label like Alligator is beyond me. The Nukes have been around since 1989. Back then they were backing Bo Diddley and Jerry “Boogie” McCain. Microwave Dave Gallaher was born in Chicago, raised in Texas, served in Viet Nam, attended Berklee School of Music, mentored by Johnny Shines and lives in Huntsville. Big time author Stephen King has written about Microwave Dave: “...That electric slide guitar will change your way of life.” Believe King and I, this is killer contemporary blues. Available at CDBaby and Amazon. {Published-Tannehill Trader March 2012}

Sylacauga, Alabama power trio, Beitthemeans, has released Head Held High (Ol Elegante) with it’s all things Southern alternative rock. Bassist Casey Wilson, drummer Nathan Kelley and singer/guitarist Josh Jones partnered with Birmingham’s Ol Elegante studios and producer Lester Nuby (Verbena & Vulture Whale) for this outing. “They’re Southern rock, no doubt, but with a hint of the occult,” Nuby says. “And, lyrically it’s completely truthful...singing songs about salvation and sin, about getting by in crazy, small-town Alabama.” Head Held High is Southern alternative rock with an attitude and some profanity. {Published-Tannehill Trader April 2012}

Birmingham, Alabama’s Jackie Lo (Jacklyn Loquidis Hamric) has released, Until I’m A Ghost (Ol Elegante) which is her debut solo project. Jackie Lo has played with Twinside, Sunny So Brite and her all-girl group One Minute GO in the past. She wrote all the songs on Until I’m A Ghost and does the vocals as well as play guitar. She picked Lester Nuby to produce this fine rock/pop album. {Published-Tannehill Trader April 2012}

Birmingham, Alabama’s Bert Trotman has released Fingerstyle (Frozenhen) which is 10 laid back acoustic instrumental tracks. Fingerstyle is beautiful through out, beautifully composed songs that are beautifully played. Bert is a guy that is known for his pickin,’ but usually with an electric guitar. Bert is the son of another great musician, Herb. Both can be found at Fretted Instruments in Homewood. {Published-Tannehill Trader April 2012}

Helena, Alabama’s singer/ songwriter, Steve Norris, has released I Just Can’t Help Myself (www. Listening to this true troubadour is always fun and I Just Can’t Help Myself is no exception. Steve adds these 12 songs to his well-crafted catalog that include “BBQ” and “I Just Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore.” Some things get better with age and that includes Steve. {Published-Tannehill Trader April 2012}

I received 11 track songwriter’s demo from Joe Gregg appropriately titled Songs 4 Sale. The songs are country and are in a medium tempo which should be just right for many aspiring artists. These are very good country songs and the only contact info I have is from the demo sender from Graysville, Alabama-jgwinsett@gmail. com {Published-Tannehill Trader May 2012}

Alabama’s Marty Raybon accomplishments including 13 Number 1 singles, CMA, ACM and Grammy Awards. Before Shenandoah, he performed Bluegrass and Gospel music with his family. His latest release, Southern Roots & Branches (Rural Rhythm Records) takes us back to those days. Southern Roots & Branches is songs that includes both previously released and newly recorded material. It’s all bluegrass. {Published-Tannehill Trader May 2012}

Each of us is a product of our exposure. The band members of Tuscaloosa, Alabama based NIGHTFIRES have had decades of exposure to rock and its influences. Those influences manifest themselves layer after layer on their EP release NF ( Their music is a culmination of indie-rock past and present. Very creative in a way most indie-rock bands don’t understand. {Published-Tannehill Trader May 2012}

I met Al & Pashion Lewis at The Fish Market in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. These two are in love. It’s obvious when you meet them and certainly obvious as they sing to each other on their release, Keep The Fire Burning (Alpashionate Music). The liner notes say it best, “Its purpose
is to support the institution of marriage.” They are called the “Love Couple” and after listening you will know how they got that name. Available at CDBaby. {Published-Tannehill Trader June 2012}

In The Pocket has released, The Pocket Project (self-released), which can be described in one word, classy. In The Pocket is some of West Alabama’s finest musicians; Don Dendy, Andy Paxton, Tom Wolfe and John Kliner with additional musicians JK Terrell on percussion and Brad Guin on sax. This is jazz with a lot of influences. An excellent listen in all respects, truly “Classy.” The Pocket Project is available at Oz Music.  {Published-Tannehill Trader June 2012}

Paul Thorn dazzles us again, this time with a collection of covers that you will think are his own. Paul’s release is What The Hell Is Goin On? (Perpetual Obscurity/Thirty Tigers Records). He tells us what is going on with his mix of soul, blues and Southern rock. This is another excellent album from one of this country’s best songwriters who gets to team up with Elvin Bishop on the title track and Delbert McClinton on “Bull Mountain Bridge.” (Paul Thorn records in Sulligent, Alabama.) {Published-Tannehill Trader June 2012}

The self titled release, Shiny Machine (Recite Recordings), is a “melting pot of common and uncommon musical interests.” Tuscaloosa, Alabama based Shiny Machine is Rob Nolan (guitar), Rennie Jackson (bass guitar & vocals), David Rodgers (keyboard), Dwayne Pruitt (drums) and Jim Corriher (guitar). Another damn good band from T-Town. Shiny Machine is available at OZ Music, CDBaby, iTunes and Amazon.  {Published-Tannehill Trader June 2012}

I had the pleasure of seeing The Pyles perform at Dick Cooper’s most recent party. They have released an EP titled, Stranded, which is 3 ukulele powered tracks of americana/country. This EP is truly a great listen. Stranded was produced and engineered by Jerry Masters & Jimmy Nutt and recorded at the NuttHouse in Sheffield, Alabama.  {Published-Tannehill Trader June 2012}

Most know Ken Randolph as lead singer for Cooter Brown. Ken has a release that has been out for some time, “Tribute To A Soldier, his single with Charlie Daniel’s & Jeff Cook. The song pays tribute to all that have fought to make this country free. Ken has played for President Bush in the White House. I feel this song needed more publicity and can be had at iTunes and watched on YouTube.  {Published-Tannehill Trader June 2012}

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