Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mule Day Parade with Alabama Country Music

Mule Day Parade with Alabama Country Music

Alabama Music goes to Winfield, Alabama to attend their Mule Day Celebration which happens the 4th Saturday in Oct. every year. Alabama country music is provided by Tim McCool (Mark Bullington, David Daniel, Jason Lee, Don Jones, Chuck Tilley, Ray Reach, Ricky Reed, Don Collier and Janna Wiggins), Glenn Templeton, Jacky Jack White (Clark Williams, Doyle Grisham, Dan Dugmore, David Russell, Walt Cunningham, Kirk "Jellyroll" Johnson and Delnora Reed), Jeff Whitlow and The Old Barn Band (Porter Dutton Jr., Dr. Mike Thompson, Wayne Reburn, Gaylon Parker and Ryan Gilley), The Wayne Mills Band (Trey Evans, Adam Guthrie, Will Hudson, Stacy Morris, and Dave "Peso" Woest) with Rollin In The Hay (Rick Carter, Barry Waldrep and Stan Foster) and The Kenneth Brian Band (Travis Stephens, Dickey Pryor and Zach Graham).

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