Thursday, August 9, 2012

NC Thurman Interview Dick Cooper Party

NC Thurman Interview Dick Cooper Party

Alabama Music goes to Shoal Creek near Florence, Alabama for Dick Cooper's after WC Handy Festival Party to honor Christine Ohlman. Dick has 2 party rules:1. If you hear about his party, you are invited. 2. Bring your own.
NC (Noble Clark) Thurman grew up in Pulaski Tennessee, where he started playing in bands back in the sixties. He plays keyboards, guitar, harmonica, writes and vocalizes. He has performed with such artists as Bettye Swann, The Forrester Sisters, The Amazing Rhythm Aces, Hank Williams Jr, The Decoys, Gregg Allman, Jimmy Hall, Little Richard, Billy Dean, Percy Sledge, Donnie Fritts, Billy Swan, and Eddie Floyd to name a few. He has played on recording sessions with the likes of Roger Hawkins, David Hood, Kelvin Holly, Larry Byrom, Bob Wray, Russell Smith, Jack Pearson, Chuck Level, Tony Joe White, Butch Trucks, Robert Byrne and more. He has worked with legendary producers like Rick Hall, Dann Penn, Johnny Sandlin, and Jimmy Johnson. NC shares a nice body of songs written with Scott Boyer ("Please be with me"), some recorded by Gregg Allman, Jimmy Hall, Johnny Jenkins, Neal McCoy, Wayne Toupes, Chuck Levell, and more. He also has songs written with Eddie Struzick ("Sharing the night together"), Nancy Muse, Roger Hawkins, Bill Blackburn, Donnie Fritts ("We had it all"), Spooner Oldham, Terry Skinner, Don Von Tres, Kelvin Holly, Tonya Holly, and more His main gig these days is his own music and playing with his long time compadres The Decoys (Scott Boyer, Kelvin Holly, David Hood and Mike Dillon), Gary Nichols, Max Russell, and anyone who'll have him. He also plays on recording sessions and artist showcases.

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