Friday, August 24, 2012

The Blue Devils at Gip's Place

Alabama Music goes to Gip's Place in Bessemer, Alabama. Gip's Place is all about the blues and one of the last true juke joints. The Blue Devils headlined the night we were there. Solid blues played by folks that love the blues.
Gipson, Henry (Gip)
Blues and gospel musician and Owner of Gip's Place, a juke joint in Bessemer, AL .
This year is turning out to be musically wonderful. Some of the greatest Blues musicians today have honored me with their company. Hard to imagine these great players at my little Juke. Over the last year we have personally welcomed Bobby Rush, Cedric Burnside, T-Model Ford, Elliott and the Untouchables, Gary Burnside, Kent Burnside, Duwayne Burnside, Davis Coen, Jimbo Mathus, Daddy Mack, and many more.

The Blue Devils
Location: Birmingham, AL
Business Contact: Leonard Watkins
Phone: 205-329-1294
The Blue Devils is a four piece blues band that plays the hell out of BLUES. A varied playlist that ranges from Tom Waits to Muddy Waters, as well as strong originals, The Blue Devils make every song their own. Embracing the untidy and unwashed element of the blues; The Blue Devils play their music with raw, unpretentious self expression. The Blue Devils are available for clubs, festivals, events and private parties around the Southeast.
Leonard Watkins: Leonard has been playing blues guitar over thirty five years. His introduction to blues was a Lightnin' Hopkins record as a kid and there was no going back. Leonard won the 2006 duo/solo category of the Magic City Blues Society's Battle of The Blues bands. He went on to compete at the 2007 International Blues Challenge in Memphis. An acoustic blues player for many years,aggressively playing slide on a 1932 National Steel, he fits right in with The Blue Devil's agressive style.
Joe 'Schu' Shumacher: The professor of rhythm, 'Schu' has been playing drums over forty years. In Birmingham, he played for SNACK and was drummer for the very successful blues band, The Polecats for over ten years, performing countless festivals, clubs and events. His drumming drives the groove and is an integral part of The Blue Devils gritty sound.
Philip Dabney: Philip is a multi-talented musician and has played various instruments with numerous bands for over twenty five years. Leonard and Philip have played together off and on for fifteen years. Prior to The Blue Devils, he played acoustic blues with The Leonard Watkins Trio. Philip's intense, expressive playing defines the Blue Devil's unrelenting attitude toward the blues. He plays every note with his entire being and in keeping with the Blue Devils motto, plays the hell out of the harmonica with each performance
Terry Waldron: Terry held the bass spot with the blues band, BIG PAPA and also played with The Leonard Watkins Trio, before becoming a Blue Devil. He spent several years playing and recording with the indie folk band, Menewa. He is very passionate with the music, occasionally getting caught up in the blues spirit; he will holler encouragement, pushing the intensity of the music even farther. Terry is an extraordinary musician and lays down an infectious groove on a custom five string long scale Hamer bass. Together, he and Schu keep The Blue Devils groove in the pocket.
Source: Official Website

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