Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Important Is A Band Name? by Jerry W. Henry

In today's music business, having an effective web marketing strategy can make the difference between your band being a local, national or international music star. A band’s marketing strategy begins with its name. Selection of a band’s name is a key element because your bands name will also become your bands keyword on the Internet. Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ASK and many other search engines use keywords to help hundreds of millions of people find what they are looking for on-line.

When someone is looking for information about your band on the Internet, they are more than likely, going to type your bands name into a search engine. When the search engine returns the results, you'll want your website and your Reverbnation page to be in the top of the listings.

Your keyword has to be very creative, even crazy. A crazy band name, when used as a keyword, will help your listings in search engines beyond your wildest imagination. Your goal is to dominate the first page when your band name is searched.

For example, let's examine two keywords for two music acts - "Alabama", the iconic band with a simple name and "Wild Sweet Orange" a newer rock band with a crazy name.

When I Googled “Alabama,” Google returned 560,000,000 results. On the first page of Google’s search results, “Alabama” showed up only one time on the first page as a band and was not even listed on the second page.

When I Googled the crazier name “Wild Sweet Orange,” Google returned 24,800,00 results. The very first Google listing, for “Wild Sweet Orange,” was for the band’s Official Website. Every listing on the first page was theirs and more than half the listings on the second page which they shared with a tea company.

Do you see what I am talking about? The first page in Google’s' search results is all important because most people doing searches will not dig past page two - in any search engine. The likelihood of a poorly chosen band name having any success on the Internet (from a marketing stand-point) is very slim.

The lesson to be learned here is: choose a crazy or creative keyword or words for your band’s name. With those crazy keywords people can find you easily on the Internet and that can improve your on-line marketing efforts well over 100%.

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