Monday, October 8, 2012

Buddy Causey Interview

Buddy Causey Interview 

Alabama Music goes from our office through the door into our studio in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to record our Buddy Causey interview.
Buddy Causey started recording in Muscle Shoals at 19 years of age and had record deals on United Artist, Capitol, Roulette, and Warner Bros. Buddy has toured and recorded all over the world . One of Buddy's most memorable experiences was recording at Abbey Road Studio and meeting George Martin.  
December 7TH 2007 Buddy suffered an extremely unusual stroke that left him blind for a while , walked with a walker , had no balance , stuttered severely  ,went through a divorce , lost everything he had literally. He went to the University of Alabama  for  voice therapy. They used Buddy as a  case study because they had never studied a singer that had  strokes before. After a year of treatments the doctor looked down his throat at his vocal chords and said Buddy I hate to tell you this but you are going to have to accept the fact that you will never be able to sing again, you have nerve damage to one of your vocal chords which has left it half the size of the normal one. That was the bottom for Buddy he had lost everything he had and even his ability to sing.. Buddy started reading the bible , praying ,and forming a relationship with God . He still was very unclear about  what his purpose was in life  .He then began asking God to let him sing again and promised God that if he would let him sing again he would sing for God and his Glory.. It was over 4 years from the time Buddy had his first stroke to when he finally started recording his CD called WELL DONE MY SON which isthe 1st installment payment on his promise to God . The music on this CD is Southern Rock with an R&B GROOVE with the Christian lyrics that God gave him.  
Some of the groups that Buddy sang with were, The Daze of The Weak, Cross, Clear, Buddy Causey Band & Cooter Brown.  Buddy's goal is to sing in churches in all the towns and areas he had sang and performed in before he had turned his life over to God to show people who are hurting and in severe need of hope and love  and  tell these  people that if God can change him and his life then he can do it for them as well. Buddy found his purpose and the best job in the world working and singing for God ! If you would like Buddy to come to your church to tell his story and hear him sing the songs on WELL DONE MY SON  and hear the stories behind these songs you can reach him on FACEBOOK on the BUDDY CAUSEY ARTIST PAGE OR

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