Thursday, October 4, 2012

Erin Mitchell Band

Erin Mitchell Band

Alabama Music goes to Rogue Tavern in downtown Birmingham, Alabama to see the The Erin Mitchell Band during BAAMFest 2011. I have been told how hard it is to sing while pregnant but Erin makes it look easy. Erin and her band are some of the best Alabama has to offer.
Erin Mitchell has truly put her stamp on the Southeast music scene. Establishing herself as one of Birmingham's premier Blues and Soul singer-songwriters, who consistently delivers energetic, musically dynamic performances.
In a short time Erin has achieved the credibility of a veteran entertainer, delivering the goods each and every time she hits the stage. Erin's passion to perform fuels her drive to succeed, and it's evident from note one. Erin takes her musical cues from the female greats of soul and blues. Erin is honored to be compared to artists like Janis Joplin and Etta James. Erin has developed into the full package, singer, songwriter, and player as did her heroes Susan Tedeschi, and Patty Griffin.

Erin is well on her way, after penning two original compositions on her self-titled debut album which she released May 2009. As a new wife and mother 2011 has had a lot of emotional peeks and valleys to creatively draw from...getting in the swing in 2012 Erin is currently embarking on "The Erin Mitchell Project" where she will write and co-write her entire sophmore release. With a long roster of Birmingham's finest musicians at her disposal, Erin can craft a show to fit any occasion. Erin Mitchell is a true vocal powerhouse who embodies soul and blues and she emotes it in a commanding show not to be forgotten.

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