Friday, October 12, 2012

Milyn Satterfield of Royal & Toulouse Interview

Milyn Satterfield of Royal & Toulouse Interview

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Alabama Music goes to Mountain Brook, Alabama to interview Milyn Satterfield of Royal & Toulouse.
Royal and Toulouse was originally formed in 2006 in Birmingham, AL at a jam session with Ricky Little on bass, Milyn Satterfield on vocals / lyrics and Alex Troughton on drums.

Milyn Satterfield has a long history of performing from choirs, theatre and bands at a very young age to film school in San Francisco where she could be found singing her heart out at any bar, dorm room, bus, trolley or street corner whenever possible. She also lived in Manhattan after college and sang with some very impressive acts and trained with the best in New York. She then ended up back in Birmingham jamming with Ricky & Alex. Ricky Little and Alex Troughton are very well known and respected musicians. Together they were in the band Jive Mob (that later formed into The Deep End) which had extensive tours and was chased by many major record labels. Jive Mob won “Best Hip Hop Band” in 2001 for the Birmingham Area Music Awards by Birmingham Weekly (BAMA Awards). Milyn Satterfield was nominated for Best Female Vocalist in 2006 for the BAMA Awards

Royal & Toulouse’s impromptu album, “Skull Orchard” is Milyn Satterfield on lyrics and vocals, Ray Calhoun on guitar, Ricky Little on bass, and Tommy Little plays drums on the final track of the album. Many thanks to Boris Skalsky, of Dead Heart Bloom, who recorded and mixed Tommy’s drum tracks in NYC. “Skull Orchard” has gotten a lot of airplay online as well as radio stations in England, Australia, Japan, France and the US along with some stellar reviews. A song from the debut album was recently featured on the Warning Track Records compilation disc.

The New CD “Southern Circus” was released in July of 2011. It was recorded in Birmingham, Alabama with the founding members of Royal & Toulouse (Milyn, Ricky and Alex) and features several other top shelf musicians. This album features a horn section, a hip-hop lyricist and a slew of other great musicians including keys with Matt Slocum of Oteil & the Peacemakers, (Grammy nominated) Susan Tedeschi Band, Jimmy Herring Band, and many others. Also the tracks on “Southern Circus” feature lyrics by Mat Gould as well as vocalist Milyn Satterfield.

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