Saturday, December 8, 2012

Loup-Garou "Desert"

Loup-Garou "Desert"

Alabama Music goes to Rogue Tavern in downtown Birmingham, Alabama to attend a performance by Bad Brad & The Sipsey Slims. Opening for them was Loup-Garou, a Birmingham band with none of the members from the Magic City. Their website explains it this way: Walking the dogs……

So here is a quick auto biography of this crazy little Birmingham band.. Ian from NY was walking from one of the bars on 5 points to go up and drink beers and play music with Daniel, our Native, Indigenous member… ……….ya that’s right I said indigenous member, (he’s a true Bhamster)……. Ian see’s Albi from Germany walking his dog Tammy Faye and they start talking, quickly uncovering that Albi likes to jam…Ian says “man I’m going to a jam right now, come on lets go!!! “ …..meanwhile ………Jeremy from Louisiana and Shawna from Arkansas have got around to playing music at some of these big city Birmingham hot spots, and one night at a gig they met Matt from So Cali, who as it happens also knew Albi….. Then one chilly winters eve Albi has a party at his house, inviting all of the characters of our narrative into the warmth of his Southside flat….. ……. and that my friends is the short version of how one night in Albi’s apartment when everything clicked like a switch that Daniel Matt Jeremy Albi Shawna and Ian started making music in little ole’ Birmingham, Alabama…………..

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