Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bad Brad & The Sipsey Slims "At Least They Can't Eat Us"

Bad Brad & The Sipsey Slims "At Least They Can't Eat Us" 

Alabama Music goes to Rogue Tavern in downtown Birmingham, Alabama to attend a performance by Bad Brad & The Sipsey Slims.
Brad Guin has been a side man for a great many of his heroes as a sax player live and in the studio. He has played for dozens of stars and the best of the best. He never sang until recently. He got weighed down with a catalog of songs that he had written and had stories to tell and music that had to come out, so he did something about it. He formed Bad Brad and The Sipsey Slims. 
All songs of the debut album "Slim Pickins" are written and co-written by Guin. And to the shock and awe of his friends and colleagues, he can really sing, which is something he had never done before and his own family didn't know he could. His voice is now being compared to the likes of Al Green, Otis Redding, Ray Charles, Jimmy Hughes, Eddie Hinton and Sam Moore. Nobody is more surprised than him.

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