Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Pyles at Dick Cooper ADAT Party

The Pyles at Dick Cooper ADAT Party

Alabama Music goes to Shoals Creek near Florence, Alabama to attend the Dick Cooper Annual-Day-After-Thanksgiving Party. This is a gathering of music business folks that realize, music is the universal language of mankind.

Look out world, here come The Pyles. Fresh out of Muscle Shoals, Alabama enters this dynamic duo. The Pyles are; W. Cullen Stewart, of Killen, Alabama, and Jessica Rothstein, of Philadelphia, PA. These two handsome young performers are setting the world aflame with their fresh, new, exciting and unique combination of ukuleles, yes UKULELES, with Cullen often laying down his ukulele and picking up the mandolin as well. This combination, which combined with Jess's ukulele, and then backed by some of the most professional and gifted Shoals area and Nashville musicians you can find.

Their exciting, toe-tapping music brings the crowds to their feet, unable to stay off the dance floor when they are on stage "laying it down," as they say in the world of music. Cullen's remarkable song writing, at times with Jess adding her lyrical contributions, has made them the most sought after duo in the country today. Produced and Engineered by veteran record men Jerry Masters and Jimmie Nutt at the Nutt House, in Sheffield, AL, this record is destined to be a big seller to all sorts of genres and musical aficionados.

Cullen, birthed into this world with a musical mother, the former Jan Stevenson, of Florence, Alabama. Jan was born and raised in the Shoals area for a big part of her life, going to high school at Roger's High in Greenhill, AL. The East Hill neighborhood in Florence, Alabama,where Jan spent her childhood, along with Shoals greats Donnie Fritts, Junior Lowe, and the late session guitarist Terry Thompson, set the stage for her love for Muscle Shoals music from a very early age. Her love for these sounds, combined with Cullen's desire to follow in the footsteps of the funky music he had grown up listening to, has made him one of the most prolific songwriters, singers and musicians on the scene today. Add Jess' unusual, yet effective harmonies, and you have something that simply, WORKS.

You will enjoy Cullen's young trek through life through his songs, reflecting the good times as well as the bad. Along with life's painful experiences, coupled with seasons of joy, and disappointments, has taught him the ways of simple survival. These learned lessons are then put to song, and performed with an excellence unequaled in today's genre of new wave, sometimes puzzling sounds our ears are constantly bombarded with. The Pyles will bring you out of your seat and onto the dance floor the first time they hit a lick. So sit back, hang onto your seat, put on your dancing shoes and enjoy THE PYLES.

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