Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Marty's Song and Second Line Parade

Marty's Song and Second Line Parade

Alabama Music Office.com goes to Southside Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama to attend A Celebration of the Life of Marty Eagle.
Large crowds packed out Southside Baptist Church and later 10th Court South to celebrate the life of Marty Eagle.
Eagle, the long-time owner of the music venue Marty's, died Feb. 1 after battling lung cancer. Family and friends gathered at 2 p.m. for a short service in his honor. Sarah Green, Sue Nuckols, Eric Onimus and Kendra Sutton, also known as The Hollows, performed "Marty's Song" in his honor to the sound of loud applause.

Pastors Steve Jones and Tim Kelly remembered Eagle as a loving friend, father and devoted son.

"It'd be impossible to share every memory, every tribute to a life well-lived," Jones said of Eagle.

Following the service, trombonist Chad Fisher and other musicians led mourners in a New Orleans-style second line back to Eagle's bar.

Susan Lyons said she first met Eagle after moving to Birmingham from Berlin 13 years ago. Marty's quickly became her favorite place in the city. She said he was an appreciator of Birmingham's music scene.

"It's become a family," she said about his business. "One of the cool things about Marty is that even he checks music out around town, he always keeps music here. He would always come and say hi to every band as they'd come in and out...he was a great connector of the music scene."

 Lyons said the second line celebration of Eagle's life would have fit his personality.
"Even though it's sad, be happy we all got to know him," she said. "I just know he's dancing."

David Manning will remember Eagle as a supporter of other Southside businesses saying that he ate at a different restaurant in the area every night.

"The word fixture doesn't even apply," he said. "He's a cornerstone of this Southside community."

Manning said Eagle wouldn't have wanted a sad funeral.

"I don't think he would have wanted anyone to feel somber about his passing," he said.
Source: AL.com

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