Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Hollows at The Crestwood Tavern

The Hollows at The Crestwood Tavern

Alabama Music goes to The Crestwood Tavern to attend a peformance by The Hollows. The Hollows are Kendra Sutton, Sarah Green, Sue Nuckols and Eric Onimus. They sing their original song, "Don't You Think It Hurts," in this video.

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- The Hollows have been a band for less than two months. But that's no problem for Sarah Green, Kendra Sutton, Sue Nuckols and Eric Onimus.

All four of these musicians are experienced pros, and they know each other well.

"Susan, Eric and I have all played together for years," Green says. "They're my go-to people."

When Sutton, another veteran on the Birmingham concert scene, called Green with the idea of starting a new band, Green knew exactly who the other members should be.

"It seemed natural; we're all comfortable together," Green says. "And it would be hard to find more professional folks."

Things fell into place quickly. The Hollows -- Sutton (vocals and keyboards), Green (vocals and guitars), Nuckols (fiddle and harmony vocals) and Onimus (bass) -- played their first show on Jan. 5 at Moonlight on the Mountain in Hoover.

Two more dates on are on the horizon, on Jan. 26 at Marty's bar in Southside and Feb. 22 at the Crestwood Tavern.

Vocal harmonies are important to The Hollows' aesthetic, along with a low-key Americana vibe. Each musician brought a list of originals to the table, or contributed ideas for songs that The Hollows might cover.

"A lot of the stuff we do is very thoughtful music, more dynamic and complex than stuff we've ever done before," Green says. "There's no ego involved in this band. We make decisions as a group. It's kind of the first time in a band where I've felt that everyone an equal amount of ability and creativity to add."

Everyone in the group has a day job; Green, for example, is retail manager and baker at Continental Bakery in English Village. Nuckols works for the United Way of Central Alabama; Onimus teaches bass lessons; Sutton is a full-time mom and photographer.

"We're playing for pleasure," Green says. "We're playing for the pure love of it. And we're taking it slow."

For The Birmingham Sessions, The Hollows performed a Sutton original, "Don't You Think It Hurts." All videos in our series are filmed at Bottletree Cafe, inside two vintage Airstream trailers in the backstage courtyard.
Source: The Birmingham News

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