Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bennett Limbaugh Interview

Bennett Limbaugh Interview

Alabama Music Office.com goes into our studios to interview Bennett Limbaugh. He is the bass player in the band, Bad Brad and The Sipsey Slims. He is a Northridge High School Alumni.

www.badbradmusic.com tells us:
Bennett Limbaugh is as smooth as he is tall. And that's pretty damn smooth.

In the tradition of players like David Hood and Donald "Duck" Dunn, Limbaugh is a bass player with equal parts groove and panache. He, like band-mate and compadre' Tyler Carter, cut his teeth in blues music-- and you can hear the evidence in his performance.

He's a great pocket player. As a student of Southern music, Limbaugh plays a bass guitar inspired by the music of Muscle Shoals and Memphis, with a dollop of Clarksdale right in the sweet spot.

It's a retro style, to be sure. Even down to his guitar cable - the same kind of cable that ran from your telephone to the wall... before they became cordless. Likewise, his playing is the type of style you used to hear in music... before people lost their hearing.

I heard someone leaving one of his performances tell his friend that "the bass player made it look easy and effortless"-- and there's no doubt about that.

That's probably the best compliment you can give a bassist. And Limbaugh is the personification of it.

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