Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shonna Tucker and Eye Candy at Green Bar

Shonna Tucker and Eye Candy at Green Bar

About three years ago, I didn’t know a thing about this town’s scenes, despite having lived here since I was five years old. My music experiences were all on the computer in some way, shape, or form. Around this point, I kind of passively listened to a lot of music I would grow to love. A lot can change in three years’ time, as it turns out. In January 2010, I went to the Jupiter Bar and Grill. I went because a friend insisted I go with him to see the Drive-By Truckers play. I knew a little bit about the Truckers, which seems ludicrous that I didn’t know more at that point. More ludicrous than that was my only very slight familiarity with the Dexateens.
I think there’s still a bootleg of that show flying around the internet, but I only remember two things:
1. The bassist of the Dexateens was so damn happy. (I found out later that Matt Patton is a generally happy guy.
2. I think me and my friend had a debate on which of us should marry Shonna Tucker.
Tucker was the lone female member of the Truckers, a damn killer bassist, too. But of course, I was all about if female members of bands were pretty at this point. Which she is, but that’s besides the point. After all of this madness, I got why my friend loved the Truckers so much. I dug into their 2011 record, Go-Go Boots, as well as some great stuff from their earlier catalog. (There’s even a funny story about working at the campus station and fielding a request for “The Righteous Path” by the Truckers literally once a week.)
A lot can change in three years’ time.
On Saturday, Shonna Tucker’s new band Eye Candy is playing the Green Bar. They deserve your attendance. I’ve listened to only one song from their new material, the only song they’ve released so far. It is a song called “Your Jealousy.” Shonna coos that she can see a different side “of your jealousy” and it’s thrilling to hear her get back to talking about a-holes. One of my three favorite songs from Go-Go Boots was a Shonna Tucker written song, “Dancin’ Ricky.” I kind of giggled at Tucker’s pronunciation of “diabetes” because I am an a-hole, but her narrative was a strong piece on an album with some damn good stories.
“Your Jealousy” hints at this a lot. But I’m going to admit, this is more a tacit endorsement to go to this show. I think the type of scene that would read blogs like this has loved the Truckers. And it might be unfair to go in with expectations like a Truckers show. So this is a bit confusing for me to do. But go to this show. Shonna’s one of the most interesting people in Southeastern rock, with or without her previous bands. It’s a Saturday night and Green Bar is booking a show that I guarantee will be interesting. It’s worth it just to see where she goes next.

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