Thursday, April 18, 2013

Reckless Records

Reckless Records

Alabama Music goes to Chicago and while there visited Reckless Records. This is one of the record shops that I never miss visiting while there.

A huge part of what makes Reckless Records a unique store is what YOU bring through the door to sell or trade. If you want to get some new music or movies and you don't want to spend too much money, then bring in your old CD's, DVD's, LP's, 45's, video games, cassettes, VHS tapes or music- related books. We'll consider buying anything music-related! If you just want some quick cash, great! We do, however, offer 20% MORE in trade than we do in cash. For instance, if we offer you $10 cash, that will be $12 in trade and so on.

If you have a huge collection you are interested in parting with it, but it's going to be too large to bring to one of our locations, let us know - call any of our shops (numbers listed at the top of the page) or contact us via our online form. We may be able to save you the journey by sending out a couple of our expert staff to have a look and make an offer. Check HERE to see contact information and our locations on the map.

We have a large and diverse staff who have years of experience with all genres of music and formats: blues, jazz, classic rock, punk, hip-hop, world, indie, etc. We know when you have a rare item and we price it accordingly. We also mark each item individually so you can have a look at what we are willing to pay before the transaction takes place.

What DO we pay? That's a question we get asked a lot, and one we cannot answer easily. However, we do our best to price things fairly and we have a reputation for paying higher prices than anyone else. What we pay is based on numerous factors such as condition (this is VERY important), whether we already have copies on hand and what we sell the item for in the store.

Our hours for buying are from 10AM - 9PM, Monday through Saturday, and 10AM -- 7PM on Sunday at the Wicker Park and Lakeview stores; 10AM - 8PM Monday through Saturday and 10AM - 6PM Sunday at the Loop store.

We try to finish trades as quickly as possible, but we often get backed up. If we cannot get yours done quickly, we will usually ask for a phone number and call you when we're done so that you can leave and come back later the same day.

We will not keep items overnight unless absolutely necessary. We almost always finish pricing large collections the same day, and will tell you ahead of time if that's not going to be possible.

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