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Dick Cooper Party Spring 2013 Jim Cavender on Tele

Dick Cooper Party Spring 2013 Jim Cavender on Tele

Alabama Music goes to Shoal Creek near Florence to attend the Dick Cooper Party on April 28, 2013. Jim Cavender was a member of the Dick Cooper Party Spring 2013 AllStar Band on this day.

Jim Cavender
Born: May 10, 1962
While continuing to sing, play bass, guitar and drums in various groups, Jim Cavender has recently produced one jazz CD, To A Planet by Rolling Jazz Revue, and one blues/rock live CD, Bookaroo, both in 2010. To A Planet features all original tunes by RJR's new lineup, including Nick Walker on upright bass and Thad Brown on drums in addition to veteran members Cavender, Newt Johnson and Ben Cohen. Bookaroo is a live collaboration between Cavender and Ivy Joe Milan and the Snowballs, Criss Ashwell and other mainstays of the Huntsville, Alabama, music scene. Both the live concert and the CD were fundraising projects for Huntsville Public Library, where the CD is currently available.
In 2008, Jim produced three jazz CDs, Elephants In The Crosswalk and Halloween On Union Avenue by Rolling Jazz Revue and O Christmas Tree-O by the Keith Taylor Trio. The two RJR CDs feature mostly original tunes written by the group's members, Jim Cavender, Newt Johnson, Ben Cohen and Brian Palmieri, but they couldn't resist covering Ornette Coleman's "Ramblin'" on their debut CD, Halloween On Union Avenue. Ken Watters co-wrote "Flying Carpet" with Cavender on the same CD.

Jim has toured throughout much of the country with the bands The Jungle, Then Again and The Snake Doctors. He has performed with Percy Sledge, Bo Diddley and Chocolate Armenteros. He has also performed in Cuba (with pianist Roberto Carcasses and trumpeter Julio Padron, among others), Colombia and Sweden (with bassist Anders Eriksson and trumpeter Toti from Circus Maximus). Jim studied music at East Texas State University, and in his home state of Alabama he was lucky enough to get lessons with the late r&b session guitarists Tippy Armstrong and Eddie "Spanky" Alford.

Cavender has produced or co-produced albums in various genres since 1986 including The Jungle by The Jungle (jazz), It Creeps Up On You by Swine Cadillac (blues), Move To The City by Then Again (rock), Brothers by Ken and Harry Watters (jazz), The Snake Doctors by The Snake Doctors (rhythm and blues), Black Boots And A Suitcase by Joshua Black Wilkins (rockabilly) and Along The Anchorline by Skip Heller Trio (jazz). Currently Jim is working on a collaborative Americana CD project with Skip Heller, due out later in 2010. He also has a CD in the works with his jazz/funk/rock organ combo Trio El Camino.

In addition to playing instruments and/or singing backup vocals on the above-listed albums, Jim Cavender played upright bass and guitar on Don Bowyer's Itchin' In The Kitchen (big band jazz) and co-wrote "Fall Festival" with Ken Watters on Brothers III by Ken and Harry Watters (jazz). Jim also contributed original songs for some of the albums he has produced over the years.

Jim continues to play solo and in various bands in the Huntsville, Alabama, area including Rolling Jazz Revue (jazz), Keith Taylor Trio (jazz), Trio El Camino (jazz-rock organ combo), The Lost Troubadours From The Ford Galaxie (honky-tonk country), Mambo Gris Gris (Latin/Carribean) and The Snake Doctors (rhythm and blues). He also teaches in the music department at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

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