Friday, June 14, 2013

Dawn Osborne Band at StartleFest

Dawn Osborne Band at StartleFest

Alabama Music goes to Huntsville, Alabama to attend the first annual StartleFest at the Flying Monkey Theatre in Lowe Mill.

Dawn Osborne Band "Dawn Osborne Band"
"This is mainstream pop/rock/R&B that still manages to be unique, Cavender says. "With Dawn's incredible voice leading the way, they aim for the heart, brain and booty all at once, and never miss. Dawn cut the early scratch vocal tracks when she had a cold, and I still hesitated on recutting her singing because it sounded so good."

The Dawn Osborne Band is a band with roots in Jazz, Bluegrass, Soul, and Folk mixed skillfully into what can only be described as true Americana. In addition to the varied feel of their original music, The Dawn Osborne Band also takes beloved classics and give them a whole new flavor, uniquely their own. A combination of melodic bass lines, driving drum beats, soaring guitar riffs, and gut wrenching vocals will ensure you come back time and time again!

Members Dawn Osborne- Vocals
Andrew Sharpe- Bass, Vocals
Newt Johnson-Keys, Vocals
Aaron Cox-Drums

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