Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jim Cavender Interview

Jim Cavender Interview

Alabama Music Office.com goes to Huntsville, Alabama to attend StartleFest at the Flying Monkey Theatre in Lowe Mill. While there we were able to interview Jim Cavender. This was the first annual StartleFest presented by Startling Fresh Records.

His MySpace page reads:
I'm a singer-guitarist-bassist-occasional drummer-songwriter doing a lot of local gigs and working hard at perfecting a low-budget home recording operation. I also teach guitar and bass lessons and a couple of jazz combo classes part-time at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Over the years I've gotten to play bass for Bo Diddley (twice!), guitar for Percy Sledge, bongos (!) for Chocolate Armenteros, and there's probably others that I can't remember right now. I used to run a couple of open-mic nights around here, and got to back up Jimmy Hall, Archie Bell & The Drells, a lot of amazing local talent and a lot of drunken assholes. Being a musician has taken me all over the States, Cuba (got to play with pianist Roberto Carcasses, trumpeter Julio Padron, and some other monster players there), Sweden and Colombia, and I've got a long list of destinations that I'm hoping to add to that later.

I've been in so many bands there's no point listing them all, but they include The Jungle (jazz, 1984-88, with Ken Watters, Dave Anderson and Mark Smith), Swine Cadillac (blues, 1991-92, hello Guitar George and Bruce!), Then Again (rock, 1993-94, with Dave and Mark again, as well as Antony and Andrew Sharpe of Toy Shop), Roadside Pharaohs (rock and r&b, 1995-2000, with Mike Dendy and Rick Taylor) and The Rocket Scientists (surf, 2003-2006, with Santanu Mitra, Chris Fitts and Brian Dawson).

Some recordings I've produced over the years include: The Snake Doctors (1997), Brothers, Ken and Harry Watters (1999), Black Boots & A Suitcase, Joshua Black Wilkins (2000), Along The Anchorline, The Skip Heller Trio (2007) and, of course, all those pictured above.
Source: http://www.myspace.com/jimcavender

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