Monday, August 12, 2013

Jazz Performers Rehearsal for WC Handy Festival 2013

Jazz Performers Rehearsal for WC Handy Festival 2013

Alabama Music goes to the Mane Room in downtown Florence, Alabama to attend the rehearsal for jazz musicians for W.C. Handy Festival 2013. They performed later that same day (Friday, July 26, 2013) when their performance was recorded live. The best Alabama jazz performers were on hand for this special event thanks to producer, Ray Reach.
Ray's comments: I'm back from the wonderful W.C. Handy Music Festival. This was my 11th Handy Festival, and one of the best yet! This year, we multi-track recorded two great concerts of the Handy Jazz Allstars: On Thursday night, July 25, "An Elegant Evening at the Shoals," arranged and directed by Scott Andrew Silbert, and on Friday, July 26, 2013, "A Tribute to Nat King Cole and the Crooners - Sinatra, Bennett and Torme," arranged and directed by Ray Reach.

Both concerts were a big success. Now comes the task of editing and mixing the recordings. These two concerts featured numerous accomplished jazz artists, including Ken Watters, Kelley Oneal, Gary Wheat, Scott Silbert, Howard Lamb, Carlos Pino, Mel Deal, Ray Reach, Tim Goodwin, Bill Goodwin, Mundell Lowe, Renee Koopman, Robert Dickson, Ike Harris, Neal Starkey, Jim Ferguson, Gary Lamb, Sue Matthews and Jose Betancourt.

Video footage was also shot by Jerry Renno and Jerry Henry. Many thanks to Bob Garfrerick, Chair of the Department of Music Industry at the University of North Alabama for providing the Mane Room facility, and to student engineer Jake Woods. Also, many many thanks to Nancy Gonce, Selwin Jones, Tori Bailey and all the wonderful support staff of the W.C. Handy Music Festival, one of the finest music festivals around!

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