Monday, August 19, 2013

The Bear at Pegasus Records for WC Handy Festival 2013

The Bear at Pegasus Records for WC Handy Festival 2013

Alabama Music goes to Pegasus Records Garage in Florence, Alabama to attend a performance by The Bear for W.C. Handy Festival 2013.

Those around the Shoals who are familiar with local music might be familiar with the Bear. The Bear is the brainchild of the husband and wife duo of Louisa Murray and Nathan Pitts. Pitts and Murray are accompanied by Ben Stedman, Kyle Minckler, and Ben Tanner. On their self-titled debut the Bear draws from so many different musical genres that it is difficult to classify their sound.

Very rarely do albums come along that can't be pigeon holed into some classification, but the Bear has managed to do just that. Louisa Murray's incredible vocals may very well be the most important instrument on the songs she penned. She can shift from angst-ridden and vulnerable to powerful and joyous at the blink of an eye. On the first track "On the Shoals" Murray belts out "I'm an Appalachian apparition" which is appropriate because it sounds like an Appalachian folk tale. Murray's tracks have an old time feel. Track six "Can't change Your Mind" is reminiscent of a old time vaudeville act, with a little bit of a raucous feel. On track 13 "No Honey for Anybody", Murray evokes memories of Janis Joplin, while Pitts and company's playing is worthy of comparison to Big Brother and the Holding Company. At any rate Murray has written many wonderful songs and has the voice to make them incredible.
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