Thursday, September 26, 2013

Secret Stages presents Midnight Risers

Secret Stages presents Midnight Risers

Alabama Music goes to Secret Stages in downtown Birmingham, Alabama to attend a performance by Midnight Risers at M-Lounge. A short wander off the Appalachian Trail somewhere between Alternative Country and a loud version of Americana lies Midnight Risers. During the summer of 2008, Anna Denbo (vocals, banjo, piano) Matt Moffitt (backup vocals, bass) and Shawn Collins (drums) began a journey together with the music they grew up with. They recently completed their debut album at Goodwood Sound in Atlanta, GA. and are currently performing live throughout the Southeastern United States, To book them please contact

In both of its first two years (2011, 2012), Secret Stages brought thousands of people to downtown Birmingham. For two nights a diverse group of music enthusiasts were treated to over 80 bands and a dozen comedians performing on eleven different stages. These acts were drawn from the nation, the region, and our own back yard. The spirit of Secret Stages celebrates that which is coming next in the world of music. Secret Stages 2013, that spirit was very much alive. This year's Secret Stages was August 2 and 3, 2013. This two-day festival was once again held in the Historic Loft District of downtown Birmingham.

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