Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Belle Adair at Kentuck Festival

Belle Adair at Kentuck Festival

Alabama Music Office.com goes to Kentuck Festival at Kentuck Park in Northport, Alabama to attend a performance by Belle Adair.

Press for The Brave and the Blue:
"...here in Alabama, there are bands like Belle Adair doing this kind of dreamy sound that has a connection to roots music but isn't directly derivative...It fits in really nicely with the new South sound."

— NPR Music

"Belle Adair's shifting, ambient music reveals a diversity of influence and an unwillingness to be pigeonholed. Deft navigation between existential grappling and lulling instrumentals is a trademark of the group's ambition: sophistication without pretension. The Brave and the Blue is a promising debut that leaves us looking forward to more."

---The Oxford American

"The Brave and the Blue glows with a deep, dusky aura. It's an ambitious collection of genre-straddling tunes"


"The sweetness of Matt Green's voice carries echoes of Jeff Tweedy. The band, too, are like Wilco when the roots were still showing, with flashes of The Byrds and a note of country sadness."

— Uncut (8 out of 10)

"The Brave and the Blue packs a hefty punch. It's filled with songs that are brimming with sincerity and emotionality that's embellished with rich instrumentation and atmosphere."


"The band's full-length debut The Brave and the Blue is chilled out, cosmic and expansive, like Sea Change-era Beck or post-Summerteeth Wilco."

---Nashville Scene

Press for the EP:

"This is Spartan-but-sophisticated pop music grounding itself with acoustic strings, harmonium, pedal steel guitar, and precise harmonies, yet never indulging the clich├ęs of Americana, country rock, or freak folk. Most of the music suits a lazy Sunday morning, but if called upon this group can rock in the manner of The Band and Tom Petty—something involving swirling organ riffs and, again, envy-inducing harmonies."

---David Pelfrey, Black & White (Birmingham, AL)

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