Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ricky Whitley at Frank Brown International Songwriter's Festival

Ricky Whitley at Frank Brown International Songwriter's Festival 

Alabama Music goes to Alabama's Gulf Coast to attend Frank Brown International Songwriter's Festival 2013. Ricky Whitley was on hand to honor us with his latest creations.

Ricky Whitley, Singer, songwriter, musician, and solo entertainer

Ricky learned to play the guitar during his teens from his uncle, Tom Darby, and from Jimmy Tarlton, well-known white Blues artists who recorded on Columbia, Victor, and OKEH Records during the 1920's.

He played with Johnnie Shines, John Prine, Bobby Rush, Bobby Keys, Wayne Jackson, Jimmy Hall, Jimmy Buffet, Gatemouth Brown, Warren Haynes, Allen Woody, Tom Darby and Jimmy Tarleton. He writes serious music and comedy. Recorded seven albums that sold over 100 copies worldwide and have gone wood in several small foreign countries. Signed an exclusive recording contract whereas he only has to buy 4 albums a month. Available for Blues, Folk, Songwriters, and other Festivals and Shows.
Ricky has written songs with songwriter, Red Lane, who is in the Country Music Songwriters Hall of Fame. Ricky is an accomplished vocalist and is skilled on most of the stringed instruments including guitar, violin, and pedal steel. He loves acoustic Delta blues and old country blues music. Ricky is currently writing music in the country, blue and old country blues styles and also in what some people label as Southern Rock or rock music.

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